TNS energo Rostov-na-Dony ao

Country: Russia

About TNS energo Rostov-na-Dony ao

Company Description

TNS ENERGO ROSTOV-NA-DONU PAO is a Russian company specializing in the generation and distribution of electricity. Established in 1992, TNS ENERGO operates in the Rostov region and serves over 3 million customers, including industrial enterprises, households, and public institutions. The company's infrastructure includes modern power stations, high-voltage transmission lines, and a network of regional power grids. TNS ENERGO is committed to providing high-quality services to its customers, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power supply, and promoting energy efficiency and environmental protection. With its modern technologies and highly qualified personnel, TNS ENERGO ROSTOV-NA-DONU PAO is a leading player in the energy sector of Russia and a trusted partner for its customers.


Pereulok Zhuravleva, Dom 47, 344022 Rostov-on-Don – Russia

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