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EEMS is a company, with a background in semiconductor assembly, DRAM memory, and photovoltaic panels, that is planning a new engagement in the energy sector to operate, in a first phase, as a wholesaler eligible for free-market activities in electricity, gas, and any other energy carrier and, in a second phase, as a multi-service/utility operator in the energy transition sector.

EEMS, on June 11, 2021, became part of Industrie Riunite Group, which acquired all the shares held by Gala Holding and Flower Holding for a total of 89.99 percent. For the Industrie Riunite Group, the energy sector represents its core business and therefore, as Industrie Riunite Group majority shareholder Eng. Giuseppe De Giovanni said, "joining EEMS is a decisive step to further develop and consolidate its presence in the energy market by positioning itself as a multi-service company in order to progressively increase turnover and improve the total marginality of its portfolio."

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Piazza Cinque Giornate, 10, 20129 Milano – Italy

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April 3, 2006

Stock exchange(s)

Borsa Italiana



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