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Country: Sweden
Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK)
Trading hours: Monday through Friday, 09:00 am - 05:25 pm

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The Nasdaq Nordic Stock Exchange is a leading stock exchange network that encompasses multiple exchanges in the Nordic and Baltic regions. It includes Nasdaq Stockholm, Nasdaq Helsinki, Nasdaq Copenhagen, Nasdaq Iceland, and Nasdaq Baltic (Riga, Vilnius, and Tallinn). The Nasdaq Nordic Stock Exchange is recognized for its advanced technology, strong regulatory framework, and commitment to transparency and investor protection.

One of the key strengths of the Nasdaq Nordic Stock Exchange is its focus on technology-driven solutions. The exchanges within the network employ cutting-edge trading platforms, such as the Nasdaq OMX trading system, which provide efficient, secure, and transparent trading operations. These platforms support a wide range of financial instruments, including equities, bonds, derivatives, ETFs, and other securities.

The Nasdaq Nordic Stock Exchange operates under the supervision and regulation of local financial authorities.

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Companies listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (total: 350)

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