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ISIN: SE0014401121 | Ticker: AEGIR | LEI: 549300MWGS283WZLYI10
Sector: Health CareSub-Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Country: Sweden

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AegirBio is a Swedish diagnostics company that was founded to offer tests to monitor and optimize the dosage of biological drugs via its’ unique patented technology platform. Biological drugs are the segment within the pharmaceutical industry where use is growing the fastest.

Meanwhile, drug levels vary enormously (up to 100-fold) in patients receiving standard doses of biological drugs. "One size fits all" results in patients with low drug levels not responding to treatment, while excessive drug levels increase the risk of serious side effects. In approximately 55 percent of cases, this uncertainty in dosing leads to over- or underdosing, which results in unnecessary costs, inadequate results and a higher proportion of patients with severe side effects.

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Sölvegatan 43 A, 223 70 Lund – Sweden

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Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
04.04.23 Bradley Messmer Other Other SEK 0.00
16.01.23 Fredrik Häglund Other Other SEK 85,511.16
09.12.22 Raphaela Heussen Other Other SEK 0.00
27.10.21 Martin Linde Other Other SEK 0.00
26.10.21 Anders Ingvarsson Other Other SEK 0.00
22.09.21 Patrik Elfwing Other Buy SEK 519,200.00
16.09.21 Anders Ingvarsson Other Other SEK 0.00
28.06.21 Gunnar Telhammar Other Sell SEK 47,288.00
17.06.21 Fredrik Häglund Other Other SEK 1,840,477.50
17.06.21 Martin Linde Other Other SEK 1,169,919.90

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