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Company Description

We started Avanza with a simple idea: we wanted to build a company we wanted to be customers of ourselves. That's why we always make sure to charge our customers as little as possible, while offering cheaper, better and easier products than anyone else.

We're revolutionising the banking industry and working to give millions of people a better future.

As a result, today we have:

- Over 1,000,000 satisfied users
- Named Bank of the Year for the third consecutive year, by Privata Affärer
- Sweden's most satisfied customers for the twelfth (12!) year in a row, according to the Swedish Quality Index.
- One of the market's largest offerings and really low fees on stock and fund trading
- A fund with no fees at all: Avanza Zero
- The world's cheapest global fund: Avanza Global
- Sweden's cheapest emerging market fund: Avanza Emerging Markets
- Mortgage+ with the same low interest rate for everyone, without any negotiation or full-customer requirements

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Regeringsgatan 103, 11139 Stockholm – Sweden

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Oct. 6, 1998

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Stockholm



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