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Banca Ifis is a specialised and diversified banking group supporting the real economy, with a competitive positioning in the market segments in which it operates and a distinctive business model.

We occupy a unique position in the Italian banking scene. Founded in 1983 as an operator specialising in factoring and listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (STAR segment) since 2003, we have been able to evolve by seizing, with speed and flexibility, new market opportunities in 'specialty finance'.

We respond to the needs of companies with a diversified and structured Commercial and Corporate Banking offering, including factoring, financial, car and instrumental leasing, advisory for corporate acquisition operations, M&A and medium and long-term financing, with or without collateral, aimed at industrial investments and the purchase of tax credits.

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Via Terraglio 63, 30174 Venezia – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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