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We are no ordinary real estate company. Of course, houses are the foundation of our business, but in reality we are more interested in the people who live in them.

Our vision, "Everyone wants to live in our city", is an expression of what we want to achieve - exciting urban environments where everything you want is next door and where people choose to be, today and tomorrow.

As obvious as it is to build attractive places for the future, it is equally obvious that our business should create long-term value - for us, for our customers and for the communities in which we operate and exist.

We build urban environments that include a mix of office, residential, retail, cultural, service and educational uses. We are located in strong growth areas in the Stockholm region, MalmΓΆ, Gothenburg and Uppsala.




Smedjegatan 2c, 13104 Nacka – Sweden

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Jan. 1, 1994

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Nasdaq Stockholm



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