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We operate in Milan, focusing mainly on the family market for the purchase of their โ€œfirst houseโ€, creating new quality apartments in areas and semi-central districts of our city. A market characterized by a strong demand that by satisfying a primary need is less sensitive regarding economic cycles. The focus on a reference market allows the development of a strong know-how and strong local relationships with all the stakeholders, creating the conditions for a lasting competitive advantage.

Commercialization and sale of newly constructed apartments on paper, with a business model organized in phases that are regulated by stringent and binding objectives and milestones. The peculiar business model of Abitare In brings notable advantages including: no stock of properties at the end of the works, reduction of risks related to the unsold and the economic cycles.


Via degli Olivetani 10/12, 20123 Milano โ€“ Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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