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ISIN: SE0009922305 | Ticker: ALLIGO | LEI: 549300AZV2TAMUBEZS90

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Alligo is a company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. To our customers we are best known through our strong concept brands Swedol, TOOLS, Grolls and Univern. Alligo has a turnover of approximately SEK 8.1 billion and approximately 2,300 employees.

Together, we primarily target corporate customers in industry & engineering, construction & civil engineering, public sector, haulage & transport or agriculture & forestry. We know that they demand the highest quality products, services and advice.

To meet this demand, we have a competent sales force, close cooperation with market-leading suppliers and continuous development of our own brands and product range.

You can buy tools, supplies, workwear and protection from us and you can do so in store, online or directly from one of our inside or outside sales staff.

We have an online shop and around 200 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia.

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VindkraftsvΓ€gen 2, 13570 Stockholm – Sweden

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Nasdaq Stockholm



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