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ISIN: SE0009922305 | Ticker: ALLIGO | LEI: 549300AZV2TAMUBEZS90
Country: Sweden

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Alligo is a company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. To our customers we are best known through our strong concept brands Swedol, TOOLS, Grolls and Univern. Alligo has a turnover of approximately SEK 8.1 billion and approximately 2,300 employees.

Together, we primarily target corporate customers in industry & engineering, construction & civil engineering, public sector, haulage & transport or agriculture & forestry. We know that they demand the highest quality products, services and advice.

To meet this demand, we have a competent sales force, close cooperation with market-leading suppliers and continuous development of our own brands and product range.

You can buy tools, supplies, workwear and protection from us and you can do so in store, online or directly from one of our inside or outside sales staff.

We have an online shop and around 200 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia.

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Vindkraftsvägen 2, 13570 Stockholm – Sweden

Financial statements

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Line item in (sek) 02.04.2020 01.01.2021 02.01.2021 01.01.2022
Assets N/A 7,812,000,000.00 N/A 8,679,000,000.00
Noncurrent Assets N/A 4,313,000,000.00 N/A 4,133,000,000.00
Property Plant And Equipment N/A 506,000,000.00 N/A 532,000,000.00
Other Noncurrent Receivables N/A 0.00 N/A 14,000,000.00
Deferred Tax Assets N/A 70,000,000.00 N/A 75,000,000.00
Noncurrent Investments Other Than Investments Accounted For Using Equity Method N/A 1,000,000.00 N/A 0.00
Current Assets N/A 3,499,000,000.00 N/A 4,546,000,000.00
Finished Goods N/A 1,761,000,000.00 N/A 1,856,000,000.00
Current Trade Receivables N/A 1,141,000,000.00 N/A 1,154,000,000.00
Other Current Receivables N/A 59,000,000.00 N/A 119,000,000.00
Current Tax Assets Current N/A 0.00 N/A 17,000,000.00
Cash and cash equivalents 1,157,000,000.00 375,000,000.00 375,000,000.00 345,000,000.00
Cash Equivalents N/A 375,000,000.00 N/A 286,000,000.00
Noncurrent Assets Or Disposal Groups Classified As Held For Sale Or As Held For Distribution To Owners N/A 0.00 N/A 973,000,000.00
Equity And Liabilities N/A 7,812,000,000.00 N/A 8,679,000,000.00
Equity 2,888,000,000.00 3,051,000,000.00 3,051,000,000.00 3,448,000,000.00
Issued Capital N/A 102,000,000.00 N/A 102,000,000.00
Retained Earnings N/A 3,008,000,000.00 N/A 3,332,000,000.00
Share Premium N/A 0.00 N/A 0.00
Other Reserves N/A -73,000,000.00 N/A -5,000,000.00
Equity Attributable To Owners Of Parent N/A 3,037,000,000.00 N/A 3,429,000,000.00
Noncontrolling Interests N/A 14,000,000.00 N/A 19,000,000.00
Liabilities N/A 4,761,000,000.00 N/A 5,231,000,000.00
Noncurrent Liabilities N/A 2,597,000,000.00 N/A 2,494,000,000.00
Noncurrent Provisions For Employee Benefits N/A 34,000,000.00 N/A 0.00
Other Longterm Provisions N/A 1,000,000.00 N/A 47,000,000.00
Deferred Tax Liabilities N/A 360,000,000.00 N/A 349,000,000.00
Longterm Borrowings N/A 1,544,000,000.00 N/A 1,421,000,000.00
Current Liabilities N/A 2,164,000,000.00 N/A 2,737,000,000.00
Trade And Other Current Payables To Trade Suppliers N/A 1,022,000,000.00 N/A 1,144,000,000.00
Other Current Payables N/A 183,000,000.00 N/A 167,000,000.00
Current Liabilities Other Than Liabilities Included In Disposal Groups Classified As Held For Sale N/A 0.00 N/A 510,000,000.00
Line item in (sek) 01.04.2020/
Revenue 6,019,000,000.00 8,475,000,000.00
Other Income 29,000,000.00 33,000,000.00
Employee Benefits Expense 1,107,000,000.00 1,640,000,000.00
Depreciation Amortisation And Impairment Loss Reversal Of Impairment Loss Recognised In Profit Or Loss 431,000,000.00 563,000,000.00
Other Expense By Nature 571,000,000.00 891,000,000.00
Profit Loss From Operating Activities 226,000,000.00 427,000,000.00
Finance Income 3,000,000.00 3,000,000.00
Finance Costs 42,000,000.00 51,000,000.00
Profit Loss Before Tax 187,000,000.00 379,000,000.00
Income Tax Expense Continuing Operations 42,000,000.00 88,000,000.00
Profit Loss From Continuing Operations 145,000,000.00 291,000,000.00
Profit Loss From Discontinued Operations 84,000,000.00 139,000,000.00
Profit (loss) 229,000,000.00 430,000,000.00
Profit Loss Attributable To Owners Of Parent 228,000,000.00 429,000,000.00
Profit Loss Attributable To Noncontrolling Interests 1,000,000.00 1,000,000.00
Line item in (sek) 01.01.2021 02.04.2020 01.01.2022 02.01.2021
Profit (loss) 229,000,000.00 N/A 430,000,000.00 N/A
Adjustments For Decrease Increase In Inventories 167,000,000.00 N/A -282,000,000.00 N/A
Other Adjustments For Noncash Items 527,000,000.00 N/A 710,000,000.00 N/A
Income Taxes Paid Refund Classified As Operating Activities 58,000,000.00 N/A 144,000,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows From Used In Operating Activities 1,086,000,000.00 N/A 943,000,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows From Losing Control Of Subsidiaries Or Other Businesses Classified As Investing Activities 0.00 N/A -23,000,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows Used In Obtaining Control Of Subsidiaries Or Other Businesses Classified As Investing Activities 1,749,000,000.00 N/A 151,000,000.00 N/A
Proceeds From Sales Of Property Plant And Equipment Classified As Investing Activities 0.00 N/A 2,000,000.00 N/A
Purchase Of Property Plant And Equipment Classified As Investing Activities 125,000,000.00 N/A 114,000,000.00 N/A
Purchase Of Intangible Assets Classified As Investing Activities 24,000,000.00 N/A 44,000,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows From Used In Investing Activities -1,897,000,000.00 N/A -345,000,000.00 N/A
Payments From Changes In Ownership Interests In Subsidiaries 26,000,000.00 N/A 14,000,000.00 N/A
Proceeds From Borrowings Classified As Financing Activities 555,000,000.00 N/A 0.00 N/A
Repayments Of Borrowings Classified As Financing Activities 500,000,000.00 N/A 527,000,000.00 N/A
Cash Flows From Used In Financing Activities 31,000,000.00 N/A -629,000,000.00 N/A
Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents before effect of exchange rate changes -780,000,000.00 N/A -31,000,000.00 N/A
Effect Of Exchange Rate Changes On Cash And Cash Equivalents 2,000,000.00 N/A 1,000,000.00 N/A
Cash and cash equivalents 375,000,000.00 1,157,000,000.00 345,000,000.00 375,000,000.00

Please note that some sums might not add up.

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Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
01.06.23 Jens Henriksen Other Buy SEK 245,600.00
02.05.23 Göran Näsholm Other Buy SEK 1,127,000.00
01.03.23 Göran Näsholm Other Buy SEK 1,139,000.00
20.12.22 Irene Wisenborn Bellander Other Buy SEK 39,615.00
19.12.22 Irene Wisenborn Bellander Other Buy SEK 78,850.00
16.12.22 Irene Wisenborn Bellander Other Buy SEK 76,560.00
16.12.22 Clein Johansson Ullenvik Other Buy SEK 73,669.50
15.12.22 Clein Johansson Ullenvik Other Buy SEK 78,915.70
09.12.22 Jens Henriksen Other Buy SEK 71,775.00
06.12.22 Peter Karl Johan Söderberg Other Buy SEK 79,100.00

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