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ISIN: GRS329503007 | Ticker: ELGEK | LEI: 549300RWVFRLVKKW4G71
Country: Greece

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ELGEKA S.A. is the largest Greek commercial company, operating since 1974 in the Greek market, in the food sector. Offering to its collaborators, customers and suppliers, an integrated system of commercial services comprising Sales, Marketing, Trade Marketing, and Logistics, ELGEKA constitutes an integral link in the sector's supply chain. Operating rather as a "subsidiary" of the principals with which the company cooperates, among its primary goals is the successful brand building of the products it represents and handles.

With a long experience and deep knowledge of the market and environment in which it operates, strong infrastructure in people, facilities and equipment, ELGEKA offers its suppliers a variety of high quality services at the lowest possible cost. For the principals (suppliers), ELGEKA is their Variable-Cost Subsidiary, since from their end there is no need of tying up capitals in investments for the formation and function of the high quality services they enjoy.

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D.A.13, O.T.31, B΄Fasi Τ.Θ.1105, 57022 Sindos – Greece

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