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Country: Sweden

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Management Consulting since 1997

A company's transformation is like an expedition: there is no predefined route and there are no standard solutions. Instead of following road signs, you must discover your own paths of progress. Break away from automatisms, give space to opportunities and dare to change direction. We navigate our clients through this substantial change process towards a successful future.

For us change means: It's not just about what you do, but also how you do it. In a time of transition, in which well-trodden paths no longer lead to success and new ways are not yet visible, we provide stability and orientation. Our four core values are our driving force: Competent, Creative, Change Driven, Customer Focused.

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Vattugatan 17, 111 52 Stockholm – Sweden

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Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
17.04.24 Jonas Jonsson Other Other SEK 947,800.00
03.01.24 Jonas Jonsson Other Other SEK 422,100.00
16.02.23 Magnus Bergqvist Other Buy SEK 144,167.10
16.02.23 Magnus Bergqvist Other Buy SEK 28,153.82
16.02.23 Maria Larsson Other Buy SEK 20,445.00
16.02.23 Magnus Bergqvist Other Buy SEK 1,636.60
16.02.23 Magnus Bergqvist Other Buy SEK 1,166.38
16.02.23 Magnus Bergqvist Other Buy SEK 600.03
29.12.22 Lena Ridström Other Buy SEK 49,987.00
19.09.22 Martin Rusner Other Buy SEK 35,438.36

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