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Fakom AD

ISIN: MKFAKM101015 | North Macedonia

Ferrexpo PLC

ISIN: GB00B1XH2C03 | Ticker: FXPO | United Kingdom

Gold by Gold

ISIN: FR0011208693 | Ticker: ALGLD | France


ISIN: SE0006288015 | Ticker: GRNG | Sweden

Great Western Mining

ISIN: IE00B1FR8863 | Ticker: 8GW | Ireland

Green Minerals

ISIN: NO0010907744 | Ticker: GEM | Norway

Hutter & Schrantz Stahlbau AG

ISIN: AT0000A021K7 | Ticker: HST | Austria

Iktinos Hellas S.A.

ISIN: GRS372003004 | Ticker: IKTIN | Greece


ISIN: FR0000120859 | Ticker: NK | France

Impol Seval a.d.

ISIN: RSIMPLE20713 | Ticker: IMPL | Serbia

Jacquet Metals

ISIN: FR0000033904 | Ticker: JCQ | France

Jantsa Jant Sanayi ve Ticaret AS

ISIN: TREJANT00011 | Ticker: JANTS | Turkey

Kenmare Resources

ISIN: IE00BDC5DG00 | Ticker: KMR | Ireland

Kloeckner & Co SE

ISIN: DE000KC01000 | Ticker: KCO | Germany

Kme Group

ISIN: IT0004552359 | Ticker: IKG | Italy

Kordellos CH. Bros S.A.

ISIN: GRS384003000 | Ticker: KORDE | Greece

Liberty AD

ISIN: MKLAVA101018 | North Macedonia

Lingotes Especiales S.A.

ISIN: ES0158480311 | Ticker: LGT | Spain

Makstil AD

ISIN: MKSTIL101014 | North Macedonia

Metalac a.d.

ISIN: RSMETAE71629 | Ticker: MTLC | Serbia

Mevaco S.A.

ISIN: GRS319103008 | Ticker: MEVA | Greece

N. Leventeris S.A.

ISIN: GRS090003005 | Ticker: LEBEK | Greece

Nordic Mining ASA

ISIN: NO0010317340 | Ticker: NOM | Norway

Norsk Hydro ASA

ISIN: NO0005052605 | Ticker: NHY | Norway

Norsk Titanium AS

ISIN: NO0010969108 | Ticker: NTI | Norway

Nyrstar NV

ISIN: BE0974294267 | Ticker: NYR | Belgium

Ormonde Mining Plc

ISIN: IE00BF0MZF04 | Ticker: ORQ1 | Ireland

Outokumpu Oyj

ISIN: FI0009002422 | Ticker: OUT1V | Finland


ISIN: DE000A0AFGF3 | Ticker: 02P | Germany


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