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We are a globally active medical technology company based in Berlin, Germany. We develop, manufacture and market products for trauma. Our IP-protected portfolio includes besides the innovative anatomical plating system LOQTEQ a wide range of cannulated screws. In addition, we have an innovation pipeline with promising development projects such as our antibacterial silver coating technology and our magnesium-based implants. These technologies address critical and unmet needs in trauma.
While we sell our products in Germany directly to hospitals, purchasing groups, and hospital groups, at international level we primarily use a broad network of distributors in around 25 countries. In the US we pursue a hybrid distribution strategy with our subsidiary aap Implants Inc. Distribution is carried out both through distribution agents and partnerships with global orthopedic companies.

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Lorenzweg 5, 12099 Berlin – Germany


Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume Average price
03.02.22 Merval AG Close relation Other 650,000.47 € 03.02.22
28.10.21 Active Ownership Fund SICAV-FIS SCS Close relation Other 60,792,157.00 € 28.10.21
27.10.21 Merval AG Close relation Other 318,324.60 € 27.10.21
27.10.21 Visser, Biense Supervisory board Other 3,573.90 € 27.10.21

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May 10, 1999

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BankM AG

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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