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Aareal Bank is a leading provider of financing solutions and services, with a focus on the property industry. Whether it is office buildings, hotels, shopping centres or logistics and residential properties, whether in North America, Asia/Pacific or Europe: our customised and flexible solutions support our customers in financing their international property investments. Our state of the art banking and software solutions and our innovative digital services help our customers to manage their properties in Europe in an efficient and service-oriented manner.This also means us linking the property industry to neighbouring sectors. The basic factors driving our success are global expertise and many years of close cooperation with the sector, local experts and our customers. We look beyond the traditional banking business and that is why we can reliably appraise key trends, chances and risks at an early stage and implement our insights especially rapidly.

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Paulinenstraße 15, 65189 Wiesbaden – Germany


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March 1, 1991

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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