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ISIN: BE0974278104 | Ticker: ABO
Country: Belgium

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Shaping the development of a sustainable environment by providing (environmental) technical solutions, supported by a team of multidisciplinary experts.

Following the various industrial revolutions, we and our environment now have to face a whole range of contaminations. In order to safeguard the soil and groundwater from contamination, our experts and engineers are working daily on solutions and new techniques.

Geotechnics is concerned with the study of soil and aims to investigate all the properties of the subsurface in order to predict its behavior. Geophysical tests allow us to determine technical solutions, needed to guarantee the stability of structures.

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Blok G Derbystraat 255, 9051 Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen – Belgium

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22.09.23 IDEPLUS Board Buy EUR 11.20
21.09.23 IDEPLUS Board Buy EUR 5,175.00
11.07.23 IDEPLUS Board Buy EUR 2,730.50
10.07.23 IDEPLUS Board Buy EUR 6,794.50
31.05.23 IDEPLUS Board Buy EUR 2,052.00
30.12.22 Ideplus NV Board Buy EUR 11,483.00
29.12.22 Ideplus NV Board Buy EUR 12,260.40
12.08.22 Nijmeijers Management BV Executive member Sell EUR 319,998.70
12.08.22 Ideplus NV Board Buy EUR 319,998.70
01.06.22 Gori Sébastien Executive member Buy EUR 5,980.00

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