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Željeznicki prevoz Crne Gore AD – Podgorica is the legal successor of Željeznice Crne Gore AD – Podgorica, as s company that is restructuring the division, according to the Decision on Transfer of assets and liabilities fully of Željeznice Crne Gore AD – Podgorica, on December 29th 2008. The abbreviated name of the Company is ŽPCG AD Podgorica. The Company is headquatered in Podgorica, Trg Golootockih žrtava nr. 13. The Company may perform in international traffic all activities for which it is registered to perform in internal traffic. The Company carries out transportation of passengers, persons and goods in railway transport in accordance with the provisions of Railway Act. In it`s operations the Company is obliged to comply with all provisions of the Railway Act related to the performance of passenger transport, persons and things.The Company is licenced for carriage in railway transport, as well as Certification for safety in railway transport.

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Trg Golootackih Zrtava 13, 81000 Podgorica – Montenegro

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July 2, 2008

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Montenegro Stock Exchange



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