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ISIN: FR0013495298 | Ticker: ALGAU | France

GEA Group AG

ISIN: DE0006602006 | Ticker: G1A | Germany

Georg Fischer AG

ISIN: CH1169151003 | Ticker: GF | Switzerland


ISIN: DE000A1K0201 | Ticker: GSC1 | Germany

Gévelot S.A.

ISIN: FR0000033888 | Ticker: ALGEV | France

Glaston Oyj Abp

ISIN: FI4000369657 | Ticker: GLA1V | Finland

Glunz & Jensen Holding

ISIN: DK0010249309 | Ticker: GJ | Denmark

Greiffenberger AG

ISIN: DE0005897300 | Ticker: GRF | Germany

Groupe Gorgé SA

ISIN: FR0000062671 | Ticker: GOE | France

Heijmans N.V.

ISIN: NL0009269109 | Ticker: HEIJM | Netherlands

Hexagon Composites

ISIN: NO0003067902 | Ticker: HEX | Norway

Hexagon Purus ASA

ISIN: NO0010904923 | Ticker: HPUR | Norway

hGears AG

ISIN: DE000A3CMGN3 | Ticker: HGEA | Germany

H+H International

ISIN: DK0015202451 | Ticker: HH | Denmark

HIOLLE Industries

ISIN: FR0000077562 | Ticker: ALHIO | France


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