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The term aeonic derives from the word aeon, which in turn was taken entirely from the Greek word aeons. In the English language, the word aeon denotes immeasurable duration or indefinite length of time, and is used in astronomy, philosophy, and geology to express lengths of time unimaginable to the ordinary mind.

The choice of brand reflects the management's commitment to providing long-term investment services at a high level in the international markets within the regulations applicable to the Republic of Cyprus. The combination of the Aeonic concept with the company logo, which is a variant of a medieval coat of arms, demonstrates our belief in choosing Cyprus as the basis for developing a long-term relationship between Aeonic Securities CIF plc and our clients.

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6 Laiou street, Anna City court, Block B, Office 301, 3015 Limassol – Cyprus

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Dec. 30, 2015

Stock exchange(s)

Cyprus Stock Exchange



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