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Founded in 1937 as Radiospares and floated in 1967, we are a global omni-channel provider of product and service solutions for designers, builders and maintainers of industrial equipment and operations. We aim to provide an unrivalled choice of industrial and electronic products, solve problems with innovative solutions and deliver best-in-class customer service making it easy to do business with us.

We operate across three regions – EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific.

This structure allows for activities such as product and supplier management, and marketing, to be primarily run in the regions. It means we adapt more quickly to customer needs, make our offer more relevant to the local market and remove duplication of activity between the regions and the centre. We continue to ensure that we operate a simple, customer-centric model so we can adapt quickly to changes in our marketplace.

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Fifth Floor, Two Pancras Square, NIC 4AG London – United Kingdom

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June 1, 1967

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