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ePRICE is the Italian e-commerce leader. It offers over 8 million products.

Since July 2022, ePRICE has been acquired by Portobello, owner of the retail chain of the same name, and Riba Mundo Tecnologia, a leading B2B distributor of electronic products.

Thanks to the flexibility of Portobello's and Riba Mundo Tecnologia's business model, the acquisition enables the entire group to become an omnichannel operator, creating synergies between online and offline aimed at increasing brand awareness, customer loyalty and optimising touch points with the public.

ePRICE is the leading Italian marketplace for online sales since 2000.
Founded in 2000 as an ecommerce site for computer and electronic products, ePRICE has grown over the years, becoming part of the Banzai Group in 2006 and growing thanks to the acquisition of other platforms: Mister PRICE, BOW, ePLAZA, GIOIE.

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Via degli Olivetani 10/12, 20123 Milano – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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