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ISIN: SK1120008737 | Ticker: MIL | LEI: 097900BHMW0000103733
Country: Slovakia

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It was 1954, the Labour Day was celebrated. Since then, the history of dairy factory in Bánovce has been written. It respects and preserves the honest dairy craft to these days. Our dairy factory counts among the BEST producers in the Slovak market, it employs 300 people and several tens of farmers who take care of fresh and good milk every day. Up to now, we have built several standards in the dairy category.

We produce two types of yoghurts. Cream yoghurts and Poctivý yoghurts. Cream yoghurt is made of cream and yoghurt culture. It has smooth texture and taste. Poctivý yoghurt is produced by traditional method of maturing in cups and it is a little sourer.

Our spreads with the same taste for years. We still produce them according to traditional recipes that we upgrade with new flavours, but the original texture remains unchanged.

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Partizánska 224 / B, 957 01 Bánovce nad Bebravou Slovenská republika – Slovakia

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