About Agria Group Holding AD

Company Description

Agria Group Holding JSC is a public company operating in North-Eastern Bulgaria. The Group consists of a number of companies specializing in agricultural production, grain and oil-bearing cultures trade, storage, processing, transportation and logistics, renewable energy. The registered share capital of Agria Group Holding JSC amounts to BGN 6,800,000, distributed in 6,800,000 registered dematerialized voting shares with a par value of BGN 1 each.

Main business directions:

- Agriculture (purchasing/renting agricultural land, cultivating grain and oil-bearing cultures, constructing irrigation systems etc.);
- Grain Storage and Processing (building and managing modern grain storages with a total capacity of 250 000 tonnes, production of sunflower crude and refined oils);
- Trading and export;
- Renewable Energy Sources;

Year founded


Served area



111 Knyaz Boris I Blvd., Business Centre, 9009 Varna – Bulgaria

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



March 11, 2008

Stock exchange(s)

Bulgarian Stock Exchange



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