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KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA is the parent company of the KWS Group. It is a strategic leader and manages the propagation and distribution of sugarbeet and corn seed, along with other crops. It finances basic research and the breeding of the variety portfolio of the KWS Group, and annually provides its subsidiaries with new varieties for propagation and distribution.

KWS sows the future. Our high-yield seed and extensive knowledge have made us the trusted farmer’s partner for generations. We contribute to nutrition solutions for a steadily growing world population. We are constantly improving genetic potential through excellent research and breeding programs. We tailor our seed to the needs and requirements of our customers to deliver the very best quality, and we are a strong partner throughout the value chain.

Our shared success is the result of a corporate culture that offers entrepreneurial freedom and supports dedicated talent that develops solutions.

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Grimsehlstraße 31, 37574 Einbeck – Germany


Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume Average price
14.01.22 Coenen, Christine Supervisory board Buy 29,640.00 € 14.01.22
14.01.22 Coenen, Dr. Alexander Close relation Buy 88,920.00 € 14.01.22
12.01.22 Wielandt, Nicolás Board Other 49,738.28 € 12.01.22
12.01.22 Kuhlmann, Ingo Supervisory board Buy 55,743.25 € 12.01.22
12.01.22 Hofmann, Dr. Peter Board Other 253,777.40 € 12.01.22
12.01.22 Duenbostel, Dr. Hagen Board Other 264,323.41 € 12.01.22
12.01.22 Büchting, Dr. Felix Board Other 264,323.41 € 12.01.22
12.01.22 Markus, Frederik Close relation Buy 5,069,682.00 € 12.01.22
12.01.22 Markus, Katja Close relation Sell 5,069,682.00 € 12.01.22
12.01.22 Kienle, Eva Board Other 264,323.41 € 12.01.22
11.01.22 RAT Asset & Trading GmbH Close relation Buy 6,977.70 € 11.01.22
11.01.22 RAT Asset & Trading GmbH Close relation Buy 16,649.60 € 11.01.22
11.01.22 Kienle, Dr. Michael Close relation Other 147,375.00 € 11.01.22
11.01.22 Kienle, Dr. Michael Close relation Other 77,658.50 € 11.01.22
05.11.21 Büchting, Dr. Andreas J. Supervisory board Other 0.00 € 05.11.21

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July 12, 1993

Stock exchange(s)

Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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