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JUNGLE21 is born in response to the New Era of Creativity.JUNGLE21 is born in response to the New Era of Creativity.

With our people-centric model, we create unique specialized solutions around our clientโ€™s business challenges, by applying creativity across the entire company experience.

PS21 is a creative agency that connects business and society through creativity. Society needs good companies to evolve, advertising is not enough, companies need to go at the speed of culture.

PS21 designs creative & strategic brand platforms & 1000 days plans to help its clients to stay relevant, grow economically, and create a positive impact.

True is PR agency with creative DNA that combines creativity and credibility with the firm conviction to transform public relations and the goal of making ideas the primary focal point. Its objective is to generate meaningful and lasting conversations between brands and society, leveraging imagination and innovation.

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Calle Antonio Maura 16,5ยฐ, 28014 Madrid โ€“ Spain

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March 4, 2022

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Euronext Paris



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