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ISIN: IS0000026961 | Ticker: ICESE | LEI: 254900QSUQ7R214E5G09
Country: Iceland

About Iceland Seafood International

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We are a leading company in exports of seafood from Iceland to all main markets around the world. One of very few companies in Iceland commercializing all product formats, fresh, landfrozen, FAS, salted, light salted and dried products. We provide detailed technical services, logistic solutions and quality assurance to our customers. Our favorite seafood is Iceland Seafood.

We are a respected industry leading supplier of North Atlantic seafood, a leading service provider in our markets. A key processor of high quality seafood in the Spanish and UK markets. We are one of the largest exporters of fish products from Iceland. Proud of our team of over 280 people, their know-how and their expertise.

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Köllunarklettsvegur 2, 104 Reykjavik – Iceland

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