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Fagron is active in 35 countries in EMEA, North America, and Latin America. Fagron has sterile and non-sterile compounding facilities in Europe (the Netherlands, Belgium, and the Czech Republic), Israel, the United States, Colombia, and South Africa, which supply medications to pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics, as well as directly to patients in South Africa and Colombia.

With over 400 pharmacists within Fagron, we are focused on providing a unique range of high-quality products based on scientific data and insights. The Fagron Brands are unique concepts developed by our R&D specialists to provide pharmacies and clients with exclusive pharmaceutical dosage forms and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We can provide solutions for all steps inside a compounding setting, either equipment, excipients, APIs, packaging, and much more.

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Oct. 5, 2007

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Euronext Brussels



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