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Crédit Agricole Mutuel de Paris et d'Ile-de-France

ISIN: FR0000045528 | Ticker: CAF

About Crédit Agricole Mutuel de Paris et d'Ile-de-France

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Join Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France, the Group's leading Regional Bank: a different kind of bank, 100% human and 100% digital!

With around 275 branches and 3,650 employees in eight départements, Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France is at the heart of the lives of the people of Ile-de-France and is therefore naturally close to its customers' expectations. To offer effective, tailored solutions, Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France, the leading Crédit Agricole Regional Bank, relies on the expertise of the group's entities and its knowledge of the specific characteristics of its region.

This strength is accompanied by a strong commitment to constantly recruiting new talent. Join our teams and become part of a connected, mutualist and customer-oriented bank.

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26 Quai de la Rapée, 75012 Paris – France

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Dec. 14, 2001

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Euronext Paris



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