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Biotika was founded in 1953 as a new manufacturer of Penicillin on the territory of former Czechoslovakia with the aim to meet domestic demand.

From its foundation until 1990, Biotika was a part of the Spofa concern that was a company embracing all pharmaceutical companies in the former Czechoslovakia.

Historical milestones of Biotika are connected with the beginning of the Penicillin G production in 1956 and the Penicillin V production in 1958.

Nowadays Biotika worldwide ranks among the most important manufacturers Polymyxine B Sulfate and other API for third parties (toll manufacturing) of the pharmaceutical quality. Biotika is well known as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical preparations for the human as well as veterinary application and also as a very important producer of the feed additives for breeding farm animals.

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Príboj 566, 976 13 Slovenská Ľupča – Slovakia

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March 27, 1997

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Bratislava Stock Exchange



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