About Yelo Bank OJSC

Company Description

Yelo Bank is a commercial bank operating in Azerbaijan. The bank provides services to both individuals and legal entities. Yelo Bank, which has been operating for more than 28 years, launched the first self-service center in the banking sector within the framework of joint cooperation with LUKOIL Azerbaijan. At the presentation ceremony of the "Caspian Business Award 2021" international award organized by the "Caspian Energy Club", Yelo Bank was selected as "Bank of the Year". The bank was also selected as the winner of the "Most Innovative Corporate Rebranding Strategy - Azerbaijan 2020" nomination by Capital Finance International (CFI.co).

Our mission

With our professional and open-minded team we refresh the banking experience of individuals and entrepreneurs. Together with our customers we introduce new opportunities and ideas to financial services in Azerbaijan and contribute to their greater success by delivering flexible and transparent service.

Year founded


Served area



80K Hasan Bay Zardabi, AZ1010 Baku – Azerbaijan

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



May 10, 2017

Stock exchange(s)

Baku Stock Exchange



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