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Vita 34 was founded in Leipzig in 1997 and is today one of the leading cell banks in Europe. As the first private umbilical cord blood bank in Europe and a pioneer in cell banking, the company has since then been a complete provider of cryopreservation services for the collection, processing and storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue.
Based on the expansion of the business model in 2019, Vita 34 intends to also offer the storage of immune cells from peripheral blood as well as of stem cells from endogenous fat in the future. Endogenous cells are a valuable source of medical cell therapy and are kept alive at temperatures as low as minus 200 degrees Celsius to be used as part of a treatment when needed.

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Deutscher Platz 5a, 4103 Leipzig – Germany


Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume Average price
02.06.22 Schweppe, Thomas Supervisory board Other 0.00 € 02.06.22
02.06.22 Dr. Granderath, Rat und Vermögen GmbH Close relation Buy 33,000.00 € 02.06.22
18.11.21 Lorenzen, Hans-Jochen Supervisory board Sell 180,625.00 € 18.11.21
10.11.21 Project Mill Gesellschaft für interdisziplinären Know-how-Transfer GmbH Close relation Other 36,146.25 € 10.11.21
09.11.21 Weng, Rüdiger K. Board Sell 30.00 € 09.11.21
09.11.21 Zeitfracht GmbH & Co. KGaA Close relation Sell 35,525.00 € 09.11.21
09.11.21 von Blücher, Dietmar Board Buy 28,820.00 € 09.11.21
09.11.21 von Blücher, Dietmar Board Buy 14,400.00 € 09.11.21
09.11.21 von Blücher, Dietmar Board Buy 7,898.00 € 09.11.21
08.11.21 Pierer Industrie AG Close relation Other 45,980.00 € 08.11.21
08.11.21 Koppmann, Jürgen Board Other 52,899.00 € 08.11.21
05.11.21 COB Grund GmbH Close relation Buy 1,465,028.00 € 05.11.21
05.11.21 MS Industrie AG Close relation Sell 3,484,000.00 € 05.11.21

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March 27, 2007

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Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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