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Unite Students is the UK's largest owner, manager and developer of purpose-built student accommodation serving the country's world-leading Higher Education sector.

The Company operates through two segments: Operations and Property. The Operations segment manages rental properties, owned directly by the Company or by joint ventures. The Company undertakes its Operations and Property activities directly and through joint ventures with third parties. The Company rents its rooms both directly to students and to Universities. Its properties provide accommodation close to University campuses, transport and local amenities. It offers study bedroom, insurance, round the clock security, cleaning services and Wireless-Fidelity throughout its buildings.

Served Area

United Kingdom


South Quay House, Temple Back
BS1 6FL, Bristol
United Kingdom

Financial statements

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Line item in (gbp) 01.01.2021 01.01.2022 01.01.2023
Assets N/A 5,051,100,000.00 5,398,500,000.00
Noncurrent Assets N/A 4,586,500,000.00 5,242,500,000.00
Investment Property Under Construction Or Development N/A 324,100,000.00 202,700,000.00
Investments In Joint Ventures N/A 1,044,100,000.00 1,226,600,000.00
Deferred Tax Assets N/A 3,000,000.00 2,100,000.00
Other Noncurrent Assets N/A 18,900,000.00 21,500,000.00
Current Assets N/A 464,600,000.00 156,000,000.00
Inventories N/A 12,100,000.00 12,800,000.00
Trade And Other Current Receivables N/A 108,800,000.00 105,200,000.00
Cash and cash equivalents 338,300,000.00 109,400,000.00 38,000,000.00
Current Assets Other Than Assets Or Disposal Groups Classified As Held For Sale Or As Held For Distribution To Owners N/A 228,200,000.00 0.00
Equity 3,260,000,000.00 3,554,400,000.00 3,818,500,000.00
Issued Capital N/A 99,800,000.00 100,100,000.00
Retained Earnings N/A 1,225,000,000.00 1,483,600,000.00
Share Premium N/A 2,161,200,000.00 2,162,000,000.00
Merger Reserve N/A 40,200,000.00 40,200,000.00
Equity Attributable To Owners Of Parent N/A 3,527,800,000.00 3,792,100,000.00
Noncontrolling Interests N/A 26,600,000.00 26,400,000.00
Liabilities N/A 1,496,700,000.00 1,580,000,000.00
Noncurrent Liabilities N/A 1,253,900,000.00 1,353,400,000.00
Longterm Borrowings N/A 1,162,000,000.00 1,265,900,000.00
Current Liabilities N/A 242,800,000.00 226,600,000.00
Current Provisions N/A 33,500,000.00 29,500,000.00
Trade And Other Current Payables N/A 200,700,000.00 191,500,000.00
Line item in (gbp) 01.01.2021/
Revenue 266,900,000.00 259,300,000.00
Other Income 57,900,000.00 17,600,000.00
Finance Income 0.00 200,000.00
Profit Loss Before Tax 343,100,000.00 358,000,000.00
Profit (loss) 344,500,000.00 356,400,000.00
Profit Loss Attributable To Owners Of Parent 342,400,000.00 355,100,000.00
Profit Loss Attributable To Noncontrolling Interests 2,100,000.00 1,300,000.00
Line item in (gbp) 01.01.2021 01.01.2022 01.01.2023
Profit (loss) N/A 344,500,000.00 356,400,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Operating Activities N/A 171,300,000.00 160,200,000.00
Purchase Of Property Plant And Equipment Classified As Investing Activities N/A 400,000.00 1,300,000.00
Purchase Of Intangible Assets Classified As Investing Activities N/A 3,200,000.00 8,400,000.00
Dividends Received Classified As Investing Activities N/A 37,100,000.00 38,500,000.00
Interest Received Classified As Investing Activities N/A 0.00 200,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Investing Activities N/A 244,900,000.00 -198,000,000.00
Proceeds From Issuing Shares N/A 1,100,000.00 1,100,000.00
Payments To Acquire Or Redeem Entitys Shares N/A 1,300,000.00 1,700,000.00
Repayments Of Borrowings Classified As Financing Activities N/A 675,000,000.00 0.00
Interest Paid Classified As Financing Activities N/A 47,900,000.00 43,600,000.00
Income Taxes Paid Refund Classified As Financing Activities N/A 7,000,000.00 8,700,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Financing Activities N/A -645,100,000.00 -33,600,000.00
Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents after effect of exchange rate changes N/A -228,900,000.00 -71,400,000.00
Cash and cash equivalents 338,300,000.00 109,400,000.00 38,000,000.00

Please note that some sums might not add up.

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  • Consolidated Report 2022 - Q4 English 🇬🇧 Published: 18.05.2023

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