About Terra Firma d. d.

Company Description

Terra Firma was established in November 2004 as the first real estate investment fund in Croatia, but also in this part of Europe. It was incorporated as a joint-stock company in accordance with the provisions of the Investment Funds Act and the Commercial Companies Act.

The company was founded on May 14, 2009. An Extraordinary General Meeting was held, at which resolutions were passed to change the company and business object due to legal restrictions on direct investment in the development of projects, and the new company statute was approved. According to the decision of the Commercial Court in Pazin of August 14, 2009. Terra Firma dd no longer formally operates as a closed investment fund with a public offer for investments in real estate, but as a joint-stock company for investments in real estate.

The aforementioned status changes enabled the company to make direct investments in its properties and thus increase their value and attractiveness on the market.

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April 6, 2005

Stock exchange(s)

Zagreb Stock Exchange



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