About Balkan and Sea Properties REIT

Company Description

"Bolkan and Sea Properties" REIT is a joint stock company with a special investment purpose, which, in accordance with the rules and conditions of the Law on Companies with a Special Investment Purpose, carries out the activity of investing the through the issuance of securities in real estate (securitization of real estate). The Company has a share capital of BGN 5,332,690, divided into 5,332,690 shares with a nominal value of BGN 1. The Company is listed on the stock exchange and its shares are traded on the "open market" of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD.

Year founded


Served area



14 General Kolev Blvd., entr. B, fl. 1, app. 4, 9000 Varna – Bulgaria

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



June 22, 2007

Stock exchange(s)

Bulgarian Stock Exchange



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