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Unipro PAO is a Russian energy company that primarily operates power generation and heat production facilities in several regions of Russia. The company is a subsidiary of Uniper, a German energy company. Unipro PAO's assets include thermal power plants, hydro power plants, and nuclear power plants. The company is committed to sustainable development and has implemented initiatives to minimize its environmental impact. Unipro PAO has often been a subject of market analysis and reports, with investors and analysts discussing the prospects of the company and its overall performance. In mid-2021, Uniper announced that it was considering divesting its stake in Unipro, with measures to further ringfence the business announced in late 2022. Overall, Unipro PAO is a significant energy company in Russia, with a focus on responsible practices and strong performance in the market.


Energostroiteley Street, Building 23, Unit 34, 628406 Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous region – Yugra, Surgut – Russia

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