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The capability and experience that comes with 20 years of service
Our software company was founded in 2002 by Oliver Wagner, Matthias Hocke and other entrepreneurs from the financial industry. In cooperation with leading banks and brokers, our international team of experts focused from the beginning to deliver the world's most advanced package for professional trading of all asset classes.

Our experienced engineers and young developers are committed to rethinking industry standards and developing innovative solutions for a wide range of financial service providers. The goal is to explore advanced technologies that could innovate existing marketplaces and financial services.

Today, our flagship product, the TradeBase MX system, has been successfully deployed with major clients and partners such as HSBC and UniCredit. With 3,000 installations worldwide and millions of transactions daily, the architecture has proven to be a highly reliable and state-of-the-art trading system.

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Berliner Allee 59, 40212 Düsseldorf – Germany

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Jan. 1, 2002

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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