About Terna Energy S.A.

Company Description

TERNA ENERGY is committed to sustainable development and the priority that green energy has in achieving a sustainable world. We consider that energy is the key driver for the development of our society and we are committed in building a sustainable energy future for the world by increasing the use of Renewable Energy Sources.

TERNA ENERGY aims to establishing a competitive position in the RES projects’ chain, from development to energy production, building a strong position in a portfolio of technologies, with a strong presence in Greece and abroad.

The company’s priorities are the following:

- To significantly expand the installed capacity.
- Further strengthening its leadership position in Greece and expanding its international presence.
- Holding a diversified portfolio of technologies, maintaing a strong position in wind and expanding in solar, hydro and biomass.
- Exploiting the GROUP’s competencies in the RES value chain

Year founded


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Shareholder information

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Nov. 14, 2007

Stock exchange(s)

Athens Stock Exchange



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