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A dynamic company founded with the dual objective of providing systems to produce energy from renewable sources while respecting the environment and improving energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption. This helps reduce consumption of energy produced from fossil fuel sources, which has the immediate effect of reducing air pollution.

Altea Green Power also markets itself as a "service integrator", offering its capabilities to individuals, companies, organisations and investors who want complete assistance during all the design, construction, maintenance and management phases for photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, cogeneration systems, biomass-fuelled systems and projects aimed at improving energy efficiency. All Altea Green Power SpA systems use natural resources: the sun, the wind and biomass, which reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere. Altea Green Power is the ideal company to develop integrated projects in the energy sector and also supplies electricity and gas.

Year founded


Served area



Corso Re Umberto 8, 10121 Torino – Italy

Shareholder information


Feb. 1, 2022

Stock exchange(s)

Borsa Italiana



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