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ISIN: DK0061805660 | Ticker: SWISS | LEI: 636700W3Y3309V1FFE44
Country: Denmark

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Swiss Properties Invest A/S has been established to give both private and professional investors the opportunity to invest in commercial properties in Switzerland based on the founders more than 15 years of experience with acquiring and operating commercial properties in Switzerland. Dating back from 2006 the team behind has completed more than 50 Swiss property investment projects; acquired more than 45 properties and reached CHF 310 million in total acquisition volume.

The objective of Swiss Properties Invest A/S is to own, operate, optimise and develop a portfolio of attractive commercial properties for renting out commercial space in selected regions (cantons) in Switzerland with the aim of creating shareholder value.

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Schleppegrellsgade 8, 2200 Copenhagen – Denmark

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