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Founded in 2004, AB Sagax (publ) invests in commercial properties, with a focus on warehouses and light industrial property. This sector offers a high yield combined with stable occupancy rates and a low rate of new production, creating opportunities for sustainable value generation and strong cash flow over time.

To achieve this, we focus on two fundamentals: a long-term approach and generating high risk-adjusted returns. These two principles guide every decision relating to funding, investment activities, management - as well as our ESG efforts.

We take a “buy and hold” approach, and we refrain from all forms of property trading, speculative development and other short-term opportunities that distract us from developing the company and the business long-term. Our focus is on strong financial key metrics and enabling growth through our existing, proven business model and by increasing our property presence in current regions.

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June 15, 2022

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Nasdaq Stockholm



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