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Sulzer AG

ISIN: CH0038388911 | Ticker: SUN | Switzerland

technotrans SE

ISIN: DE000A0XYGA7 | Ticker: TTR1 | Germany

Teco 2030 ASA

ISIN: NO0010887516 | Ticker: TECO | Norway


ISIN: IT0004585243 | Ticker: TES | Italy

TOMRA Systems

ISIN: NO0012470089 | Ticker: TOM | Norway

Tornos Holding AG

ISIN: CH0011607683 | Ticker: TOHN | Switzerland


ISIN: DE000TRAT0N7 | Ticker: 8TRA | Germany

Turbomecanica S.A.

ISIN: ROTBMBACNOR9 | Ticker: TBM | Romania

UCM Resita S.A.

ISIN: RORESYACNOR6 | Ticker: UCM | Romania


ISIN: SI0031108994 | Ticker: UKIG | Slovenia

Urbar Ingenerios, S.A.

ISIN: ES0182484214 | Ticker: UIN | Spain

Valmet Oyj

ISIN: FI4000074984 | Ticker: VALMT | Finland

VBG Group

ISIN: SE0000115107 | Ticker: VBG | Sweden

Vestas Wind Systems

ISIN: DK0061539921 | Ticker: VWS | Denmark

Volvo Group

ISIN: SE0000115420 | Ticker: VOLV | Sweden

Vossloh AG

ISIN: DE0007667107 | Ticker: VOS | Germany


ISIN: NO0010708068 | Ticker: VOW | Norway

Wacker Neuson SE

ISIN: DE000WACK012 | Ticker: WACK | Germany

Wärtsilä Oyj Abp

ISIN: FI0009003727 | Ticker: WRT1V | Finland

WashTec AG

ISIN: DE0007507501 | Ticker: WSU | Germany

ZhongDe Waste Technology AG

ISIN: DE000ZDWT018 | Ticker: ZEF | Germany


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