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The three-century history of Sarajishvili brand starts in 1884. David Sarajishvili set up the first classical wine brandy making technology in Georgia. After France, Georgia was the first country in the Russian Empire to start producing cognac and to call it “cognac” officially. The factory was located in Tbilisi and it produced its first product in 1887.

Products of “Sarajishvili” has been awarded with more than 250 prizes at international exhibitions, including 6 super grand prizes, 35 grand prizes, 1 double gold, 1 big gold and 155 gold medals. Thanks to these awards “Sarajishvili ” has been recognized not only at the local, but also at the international markets. Nowadays, Sarajishvili brandy is exported approximately in twenty countries of four continents.

​Endless creative searching, professionalism, devotion to the business and pursuit of progress are the main characteristics of the company – “Sarajishvili“.

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Sarajishvili 4, 0178 Tbilisi – Georgia

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July 12, 2000

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Georgian Stock Exchange



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