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About Amber Latvijas balzams

Company Description

JSC Amber Latvijas balzams is a leading producer of alcohol beverages in the Baltics with a history steeped in tradition since 1900. The company has two production facilities in Riga – a distillery of strong alcohol beverages and sparkling wines and a light alcoholic beverages production plant. AS Amber Latvijas balzams provides work for more than 600 employees.

JSC Amber Latvijas balzams is represented in all segments of strong and light alcoholic beverages with more than 100 product names. With many of them, JSC Amber Latvijas balzams is a market leader in Latvia. We also produce such globally-known brands as Stolichnaya®, Moskovskaya®, Riga Black Balsam® and Riga Sparkling Wine®. Riga Black Balsam® is one of the oldest alcohol brands in Europe – its beginnings can be found in 1752.

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A.Čaka 160, LV-1012 Rīga – Latvia

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Oct. 15, 1998

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Baltic



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