About Deoleo S.A.

Company Description

Deoleo is a multinational food group focused on olive oil, the flagship product of the Mediterranean diet. It also sells related products like seedoil, vinegars and sauces.

In households around the world, our olive oil is loved and trusted by consumers to enhance their meals.

Our vision is to lead olive oil into a sustainable future. This starts with building strong supplier partnerships to embed sustainable farming practices. We work closely with farmers, using our shared knowledge of olives to develop holistic solutions that promote their economic success while preserving and developing the land we all rely on.

Our purpose is to provide outstanding products that deliver premium quality. Our Master Blenders have a deep knowledge of global taste preferences and use this insight to maintain the flavours of our iconic blends. At the same time, we are developing our products and processes, innovating to continue delighting consumers.

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CL Marie Curie 7, 28521 Rivas – Spain

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June 3, 2003

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Bolsa de Madrid



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