About Romcab S.A.

Company Description

The plant of conductors and wiring was settled in 1950 and shortly, it became the main supplier of conductors and wiring for the entire Romanian industry, as well as an important exporter for the markets in Europe. The transition period to the market economy led to dysfunctionalities in the companyโ€™s activity, up to financial difficulties, over numbered personnel, decreasing ordersโ€™ levels.

Romcab is a fast growing company, with high potential of becoming one of the leader companies in Romania and an important player on the European cable market.

Our strategic goals include:

- To continue the investments in technological equipment to increase the production capacity, expand the product range and lower costs and energy consumption;

- Increase of sales by expansion on the European market and strengthening of the internal market.

- Major focus on five industries: automotive, energy transport, constructions, household industry and a market called the market of special cables

Year founded


Served area



Str. Voinicenilor NR.35, 540252 Mures โ€“ Romania

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



June 9, 1997

Stock exchange(s)

Bucharest Stock Exchange



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