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Redelfi is an ESG management company that was founded in Genoa in 2008 and we work in the areas of the green economy and the digital transition through companies which are divided into business units for the Green, MarTech and GreenTech areas. We stand out because of our innovative approach to products and processes with special attention paid to the principles of ESG and sustainability.

Over the years our company has always successfully identified mega market trends while investing in and innovating startups and companies characterized by technological innovation, sustainability and great development potential.

Our story started with the foundation and development of Renergetica. From 2008 to April 2021 our management group worked with Renergetica in the green economy, identified a niche market in Italy, managed the international expansion of the company and oversaw the transition of the company to being listed on the stock market and then withdrawing.


Viale Monza 127, 20125 Milano – Italy

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June 8, 2022

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Borsa Italiana



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