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Peab is the Nordic Community Builder with 16,000 employees and net sales of SEK 64 billion. With a local presence and focus on our own resources we develop, do the groundwork and build everyday life where it’s lived. Company headquarters are in Förslöv on Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden. The Peab share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Peab has contributed to community building for the past sixty years. What started in 1959 with two very young brothers, Mats and Erik Paulsson, and a tractor is today Sweden’s largest, and a leading Nordic, construction and civil engineering company.

Homes, schools, kindergartens, senior housing, museums, malls, offices, cultural and sports arenas, libraries, city halls, roads, bridges, parks - entire communities in fact - have seen the light of day over the years because of Peab. Many people have a relationship to Peab’s craft, perhaps without even knowing it.

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Oct. 8, 2004

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Stockholm



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