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ISIN: SK1120007242 | Ticker: OSI | LEI: 097900BGMX0000063288
Country: Slovakia

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With its sixty-year tradition, our joint stock company is one of the largest producers of certified seeds and seedlings of field crops in Slovakia. We represent the varieties of domestic and foreign breeding companies and offer seeds of high-performance and high-quality varieties.

We are a member of the Slovak Breeders and Seed Association, member of the International Seed Federation (ISF ), member of the Slovak Association of Beer and Malt Producers . We cooperate with the most successful Slovak breeding station focused on breeding of cereals ISTROPOL Solary as. We exclusively represent the varieties of the German company KWS LOCHOW GmbH, Bergen, specialized in cereal seed breeding. The result of this cooperation are several registered winter and spring wheat varieties with excellent food quality, triticale, oats, spring and winter barley. Our special offer are hybrid rye seeds. In Slovakia we are the exclusive partner of the German potato company Solana GmbH & Co.KG Hamburg.

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Kalinčiakova 2391, 96003 Zvolen – Slovakia

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