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The Port of Ploče is located on the southern part of the Adriatic coast of the Republic of Croatia, geographically positioned 43 ° 03 ‘N and 17 ° 26’ E. The port is located a few kilometers northwest of the mouth of the Neretva River, with the bay that encircles the peninsula Pelješac on the south and southwest, thus making a natural breakwater.

Located in the central part of the Adriatic, between Split and Dubrovnik, the port of Ploče is one of the main strategic Croatian ports. Excellent traffic connections and a favorable geostrategic position at the junction of important industrial routes makes it an inevitable link between the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Central Europe. As such, it is the most powerful business entity in the area from Split to Dubrovnik and with its business contributes to the development of the local community and Croatia.

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Trg Kralja Tomislava 21, 20340 Ploče – Croatia

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July 26, 2005

Stock exchange(s)

Zagreb Stock Exchange



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