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ISIN: RU0008992318
Country: Russia

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Far-Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO) is a leading Russian shipping company founded in 1880. The company has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, and specializes in container, bulk and refrigerated cargo transportation. FESCO operates a modern fleet of over 40 vessels and provides transportation services to customers across multiple industries, including automotive, food, and chemical. FESCO's shipping routes cover major ports in Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. Additionally, the company provides a range of logistics services, including customs clearance, storage, and freight forwarding. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, FESCO ensures that all of its vessels meet strict emission standards and operates in an eco-friendly manner. FESCO is dedicated to providing high-quality, efficient and reliable transportation services to its customers, ensuring that their cargo is delivered safely and on time.


Novokuznetskaya st., 7/11, building 1, 115184 Moscow – Russia

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