About Luka Bar a.d. Bar

Company Description

Company AD Luka Bar Bar was founded by the Federal Executive Council of Yugoslavia on 16.04.1954 year. Company was transformed into public company from 20.06.1990. Luka Bar was restructured by decision to restructure through a separation with the creation of a new joint-stock company “Kontejnerski terminal i generalni tereti”. Business system Luka Bar consists of a joint stock company and dependent, one-member companies by the parent company was founded, namely: Anchor Hotel, IT and communications, security and fire protection. Company AD, Luka Bar "provides the following services: loading of ores, concentrates, scrap iron, coal, coke, bauxite, crushed stone, alumina, transfer and storage of grain silo, receipt and dispatch of petroleum and oil supply ships.

Year founded


Served area



Obala 13. Jula BB, 85000 Bar – Montenegro

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Montenegro Stock Exchange



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